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We manufacturer an assortment of Commercial Gas Range Equipment, which is fabricated using premium quality raw material. Our gas range equipments provides a viable option for preparing a wide range of food. The gas ranges which we offer to our client include four Burners, Chinese Cooking Range, Roomali Roti Station etc.

2 burner gas range
3 Burner Gas range
Commercial Gas Range Equipment Manufacturers

Commercial Gas Range Equipment Manufacturers in Mumbai-India​

Commercial Gas Range Equipment Manufacturers – How to Choose the Right One

The choices can often feel endless when you’re shopping for commercial ranges. Differing prices, shapes, sizes, features and specs can leave a person feeling overwhelmed and uninformed. Some shoppers may not even know where to begin looking. But by reading on, shopping for them may be a bit easier.
 Equipments for Restaurant Duty and Heavy Duty
Commercial gas ranges come in so many varieties so that they can fit the needs of the restaurant at which they’ll be used. Two such varieties are restaurant duty and heavy duty. Hotels, hospitals, schools, institutions and some high volume restaurants use heavy duty units. They have higher energy output and shorter cooking time. Most restaurants and chains can get by with a high quality, restaurant duty unit.

Commercial Gas Range Equipment Manufacturers in Mumbai-India.

So heavy duty units are durable with larger gas valves to allow for easier combining of other components. They can be batteried together to create large units for high volume kitchens. These units are built to withstand intense use and cost more both up front and in service fees. Also, the higher energy output means there will be higher energy costs.
Monoblock Cooking Station
Includes gas range, griddle plate, deep fat fryer, pasta station, oven & with sink etc. Very handy & compact. Fully SS make.
Equipments for Chinese Gas Range
Top border of 16 gauge s.s.sheet dully mat finished, with 18″high s.s.backsplash provided with 2 nos. swivel type faucet, with 4″ wide s.s.drain channel at front, provided with 2 nos.H.P burner, 
having special chinese work dome rest of 5″ height and 1 no.low pressure burner for stockpot,with 20 guage s.s.spillage trays,with sides,back and front of 18 guage s.s.with 1″ dia s.s.rod undershelf burners provided with needle control valves and pilot lamps,front panel provided with control knob and faucet with 1.1/2″ dia s.s.pipe legs with nylon bullet adjustable feet

We Sheeba Equipments also manufacturer Customize Gas Equipment as per clients requirements.